Biyernes, Abril 5, 2013


"Hindi ko alam kung paano ko ililipat through this post lahat ng thoughts and emotions na nararamdaman ko ngayon. Halos lahat sila sabay sabay na umaagaw ng atensyon ko. Bawat isa ayaw magpatalo. Kaya sa huli ako ang talunan. Right now, i have lots of questions in the back of my mind and unfortunately no one is here to answer them. Gusto ko na talaga umiyak ngayon dahil sa mga misfortunes ko ngayong araw na to kaso masyado na kong pagod physically at emotionally. Umaasa akong sana lahat ng to panaginip ko lang, para pwede ko pa mabago lahat ng nangyari sakin ngayon. If only i could turn back time."

Eto yung nasimulan kong blog kagabi kaso hindi ko na naituloy dahil na-mental block ako. Hindi ko alam kung paano ko sisimulan i-share sa inyo kung paano biglang nasira lahat ng pangarap ko na sinabayan pa ng isang kamalasan. Two birds in one shot.

Una, nagkaron ako ng TRES na grade sa Total Quality Management subject namin. Maliban sa first time ko magkaron ng ganitong kababang grade, itong grade na ito rin yung nagwasak sa nagsisimula ko pa lang na pangarap. Maging Cum Laude pag-graduate ko (third year pa lang ako).

15.1 The College Dean \Branch Director, in close coordination with the University Registrar, shall recommend a student who completes his baccalaureate course with any of the following weighted average to be graduated with honors:
15.1.1 Summa cum Laude (1.19 to 1.00)
15.1.2 Magna cum Laude (1.44 to 1.20)
15.1.3 Cum Laude (1.75 to 1.45)
15.2 The guidelines on graduation with honors shall be as follows:
15.2.1 Only final grades shall be considered in the computation of the general average.
15.2.2 A student's final grades during his last school term shall be submitted thirty (30) days before the graduation.
15.2.3 In the computation of the final averages of a candidate for graduation with honors, grades in all accredited academic subjects in the curriculum shall be included.
15.2.4 Every candidate for graduation with honors must:
  1. Have carried the normal load prescribed in his curriculum, except in the last semester. In the night school, fifteen (15) units per semester shall be considered the normal load.
  2. Have completed in the University at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the total number of the academic units or hours required for graduation.
  3. Have been in residence for at least three (3) years immediately prior to graduation.
  4. Have no final grade lower than "2.5" and/or "Incomplete" in any academic subject whether prescribed or not in his curriculum which he/she has taken in the University, or in any other educational institution.
  5. Have no final grade of "5.0" in any academic and non-academic subjects prescribed in his curriculum which he/she has taken in the University or in any other educational institution.
  6. Have not repeated a subject in other educational institution.

Ayan. Nung nalaman ko yung general weighted average ko simula first year first sem hanggang third year first sem na 1.694 nagkaroon ako ng goal first time in my college life na maging cum laude man lang pag-graduate. Pasok grades ko sa bracket na pang cum laude, rank 4 pa ako sa room namin. :) I'm the man! Kaso lahat ng yun nasira ng dahil sa TQM grade ko. Bigla ako nawalan ng gana, yung feeling na parang wala na ring sense kung mag-aral ako ng mabuti this coming school year. Yun bang kahit uno ako sa lahat ng subjects ko e wala na rin silbi kasi hindi naman ako magiging cum laude. Gusto ko sana surprise yun sa mga magulang ko, kasi naisip ko parang yun na lang yung way ko of saying thank you sa pagpapa-aral nila sakin. Tapos biglang nawala. I asked my best friend what went wrong. Pero alam ko naman talaga kung ano ang nangyari kung bakit ganyan grade ko kaso hindi ako ganoong kalakas para harapin yung naging pagkakamali ko. Gusto ko isisi sa prof ko yung naging kapalaran ng grades ko pero alam ko naman na mas malaki ang naging responsibilidad ko kung bakit yun nagkaganun.

From this point, hindi ko alam kung saan ako pupunta, kung ano ang gagawin ko, o kung may magagawa pa ba ako tungkol dito. Should i do something about it, or keep it the way as it is?

Ikalawa, hindi pa ako tapos sa dilemma ko tungkol sa grade ko sa TQM, ng mapansin kong nawawala na pala yung iPhone ko! Tengene lang yan oh. Kailangan ba pag minamalas sabay sabay? hindi ba pwedeng isa isa lang muna? Ang hirap e. Call Center Agent din ako, just so you know. Sinasabi ko to kasi nung nalaman ko yung grade ko sa TQM e nasa office ako nun. Makikita naman kasi yung grades namin through OL. At sa sobrang depressed ko nung time na yun, hindi ko na napansin na may malikot na kamay na pala na kumuha ng iPhone ko sa station ko. wtf. Sinubukan kong tawagan yung phone ko pero wala na. Unattended na. Alam na!

Halos one year and four months din ang pinagsamahan namin ng iPhone ko. Tapos nanakawin lang? Mas okay pa sana na nasira lang e. Kaso hindi, ninakaw, sa office pa. Pambihira. Kapag nga naman tinamaan ka ng kamalasan, mapapa-P*TANGINA ka na lang.

Sa mga nangyari sakin, hindi ko alam kung ano na ang gagawin ko. Masyado akong mahina para harapin pa yung mga yon. Pero minsan, KAILANGAN DIN NG LAKAS PARA SABIHING MAHINA KA. Siguro yung depression ko ngayon lilipas din, pero yung mga nangyaring to sakin habang buhay na magmamarka sa alalala ko.

Huwebes, Marso 7, 2013


march 7. 2013

“Pahimakas ni Donya Teodora”

With the outburst of ordeals and misfortunes, which Jose Rizal has faced, with the prejudiced eye of the conqueror, even before his downfall, a loving mother was already dying inside to see his child in such agony. If only she could switch places with him, she would. If only she could hide him away from the world to keep him safe, she would willingly take the risk. Nevertheless, she cannot.

In the stage play “Pahimakas ni Donya Teodora,” a kind of interminable love in a mother’s perspective was shown all throughout. The play simply put on view on what it is like to be the mother of Jose Rizal. At some point in the play, Donya Teodora recalled a story that she had told Pepe way back his childhood days, which is about an impish young firefly who desired to go near a flame, despite the admonitions of an older firefly. In the end, the firefly loses its wings and cannot be able to fly again. She related this story to his son, as Rizal tried to reach the flame, which will eventually take away his life. Rizal exposed through his writings Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo the Church’s deep dark clandestine and The Spanish government maltreating the Filipinos, which made the friars to accuse Rizal of being heretic and filibuster. As said in the stage play, Rizal’s intellect had become his sole weapon in making primitive Filipinos fight for the cancer of society, though the expense for this was his own family’s safety. One part of that play that got me goose flesh was when Donya Teodora said that Rizal’s intelligence had become his way to loss of life, which turned out to be true. It could be recalled that this fear has been occurring to Donya Teodora several times when Pepe was still young, when she realized that his son was far from ordinary.

Nevertheless, what can a mournful mother do over an unresponsive cadaver? Nothing. All she can do is accept what happened and move on. For a fact, life doesn’t stop there. It is true that Rizal’s efforts and boundless love for the country had cost him and his family a miserable ending, but because of that, Filipinos achieved freedom. We all should be thankful for Pepe. If it wasn’t because of his hard-headedness, he wouldn’t go and study abroad and realize what his mother country had been missing since time immemorial. Rizal’s death had become the salvation of Filipinos from the evil conquerors and autonomy in their own country.

But if there is someone whom we should be thanking for, it should be Donya Teodora, because if wasn’t for her genuine love and guidance, Rizal wouldn’t be the man that he is now since then.

“Ang Huling Pahina”

Have you ever think if characters of a particular story liked the parts they play? What if characters of that story had their own chances to speak out and tell their creator what they wanted to happen, what do you think will they impart?

These questions has been the main point of view of the second stage play entitled “Huling Pahina” by three of the most unsightly and repulsive characters in Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere who are Kapitan Tiyago, Donya Victorina and Donya Consolacion. If you still remember, Kapitan Tiyago was Maria Clara’s wealthy stepfather and whose neck was tied by the Roman Church, specifically by the friars. On the hand, Donya Victorina was a Filipino who is trying to conceal her identity and make everybody believe that she is one of the Europeans in the Philippines. Lastly, came the role of Donya Consolacion, who is according to the story, always smells like lady fingers (okra) and has an awful breath. These three characters met at the last page of the novel and trying to put out of sight with each other the purpose on why they are there. However, it is revealed somewhere in the middle part that they do have a common goal, to ask the creator as to why their characters end up the way they ended up. Alongside of the story, the three of them had been picturing of the endings they want for themselves. Until only it was then, the role of Tasyo came up and told the 3 that their characters cannot be changed. What is done is done. They ended up the way they should end.

Funny thing about these characters are that curiosity as to whom these characters Rizal was referring? These characters should know that the roles they are taking part are eye openers to the cancer of society that we should be fighting for. In my point of view, the characters end up they way they should be. Yes they may seem funny and unworthy in the novel, but without them, realizations about what is happening in reality would be a total blur.

Sabado, Disyembre 8, 2012


Christmas is a time of renewal. A time when the best in humanity is called forth amid the safety of traditions. A time when it feels good to give, when grievances are abolished, when Heaven comes to Earth for a moment.

We tend to think of Christmas as a time for children, but what if Christmas gives each of us the opportunity to be the Child? To have wise men bring priceless gifts to us, to be held by an adoring mother and father while shepherds and other good folk admire us, to feel that everything will be okay...forever? What if Christmas is a chance to start fresh? Clean slate. New.

During Christmas Season, i used to make a wishlist, more like a Christmas Wishlist. Written in there are the material things i wanted to have on Christmas Day. Writing the wishlist comes with hoping and praying that at least one or two of those will happen. I always pray and believe that Santa Clause would read it and grant my wishes, though i have some childish doubts that maybe Santa  couldn't give me my gifts because we don't have a chimney or he cannot come in because my parents are still up and things like that.

Time passed by and now i know that Santa Clause isn't real. it happened one Christmas eve, i saw my parents putting the gifts under the Christmas tree, maybe trying to make us believe that Santa went inside the house when we're asleep and put the gifts there. Though i know the truth behind the jolly old man, that didn't stop me from believing in him, it even changed my selfish materialistic wishlist into a noble one and i felt awesome about it! :)

1) i want a new pair of RED KEDS. but a pair of slippers for the barefooted children in the sidewalk would be much better.

2) i want to have a BLACKBERRY PHONE. but seeing all people smile at me with no hatred inside their hearts is the best means of communication ever that no single phone can do.

3) i want to go ABROAD. but seeing a mother and her lost child reunite in an empty street on a Christmas day would be the best.

4) i want new BRANDED SET OF CLOTHES. but by realizing that most street children always spend the night fighting with the tremendous coldness of the night, a pair of clothes for them would seem right.

5) i want a new JANSPORT BAG. but upon looking at a poor child wandering around the street and with nothing to eat makes me think that a bag of food for him and his family will be better.

6) i want to go to CHRISTMAS CONCERTS. but events that involves helping street children during Christmas Season is way more awesome than ever.

7) i want a MACBOOK. but a set  of knowledgeable books that less fortunate kids could use would be much better.

8) i want our house to be filled with LUMINOUS CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. but  upon looking at the other side of the street, there lies a family that even barely see each other because of the blinding darkness all over the place, making me realize that sharing light with them would be cooler than Christmas lights.

9) i want a new DSLR. but thinking that making a hopeless street child smile amid this unfair world would be a heart-warming feeling..

10) i want to have a LUXURIOUS NOCHE BUENA. but thinking that a poor family is spending the Christmas Eve outside the street with nothing to eat, not even a single loaf, it would be best if we learn to share what we have.

You see Christmas isn't always just about thinking what you want, it's about doing what is good. it's a perfect time for all of us to sit down, to think and to thank God for all the blessings we receive from Him no matter a big or small it is. sometimes, making a simple wishlist makes us realize that sometimes there are things in life that we thought we don't have yet, but in reality, we already have them. maybe not in the form we expected it to be, but in the form that particular thing should be.

yes, i know the truth behind the jolly old man, but that truth didn't stop me from believing in Santa and the power of the Christmas Season- the kind of joy it brings to everyone, either fortunate or not.
Christmas time is Wishlist time.  

Let the listing begins!

Biyernes, Nobyembre 30, 2012


and the camera flashes, make it look like a dream.

it was november 28, 2012, wednesday to be exact when osang jem yyen and i decided to bring to life our “it’s okay to treat yourself” day. among our 250 something restaurant partners, we decided to go to BANAPPLE, in greenhills. i thought this day would be boring, if not, ordinary. But as i step inside banapple, i suddenly realized that everything is happening the other way around. no exact word can explain what I felt that day, but I know one thing is for sure, it was more awesome than awesome. :D



Our way to banapple was as easy as living in HELL. Tremendous heat is a welcoming site. And what made it worse? It took us almost an hour before we got ourselves at the café. We reached the place, but still we cannot order. Why? We’re waiting for yyen. It was 3.30 pm that time. While waiting, my peers took random photos. (friends surely know how to spend time waiting.) I was starting to get a bit irritated by the scenario of us waiting in vain while the café’s staff looking at us. I was wondering what was running on their mind that time. Maybe, they wanna ask us if we will order or we went there just to sit and wait for someone. (yung tingin na nakikiupo lang naman ata kami at walang balak umorder. Haha kahiya na kami.)

one of the staff there, gave us the menu, expecting us to order right away. lol


Waiting in there and doing nothing is killing me. So I brought up the idea of ordering our drinks first while waiting. We decided to buy iced chocolate.


Iced chocolate. The taste of it is not exactly what I thought it would taste like. It’s not that it’s not scrumptious. it is. but I was just expecting a bit more from it. I’m a little upset about that. On the other hand, what else could I possibly expect? It’s chocolate. Nothing more, nothing less. I could really say that despite that, iced chocolate is very effective to ease someone’s thirst. :D

Time check, it was past 5pm when yyen arrived. (I almost thought she won’t show up. HAHAHAHA) that’s the go signal for us to order.

thinking that my friends will buy the best seller, i tried a different slice of cake which is the oreo brownie fudge cheesecake.

the very thing which made me decide to try this cake is the oreo on top of it. i was expecting a whole oreo biscuit in the slice but only got the half of it. i was like "whoah. you got me there." and what amazed me also is the almost 1.5 inches icing of the slice. it was aslo sprinkled with pulverized oreo. if you have a poor appetite, be sure to have a partner when you wanna try this cake.

osang jem and yyen go for the banoffe pie, the cafe's best seller.


banoffee pie. at first look, the oreo brownie fudge cheesecake i bought was more appealing to the eye than the best seller itself. but when i got to taste it, a realization came to me instantly. what i like about this cake is the crispy chocolate on top of it. i like it than the cake it self. lol upon tasting it, i realized why  banoffee pie is banapple's best seller. i tasted something in it and i don't know what it is. maybe that's the secret of it. beauty over mysteriousness. terrific.

yyen doesn't want a cold drink so decided to buy a hot coffee. (old people likes that. HAHAHAHA)


4-5 packs of sugar to ease the pungent taste? yyen can certainly do that. the coffee part of the latte was overpowering, which makes it bitter. but it's good. the cafe latte itself was actually tasty. the bitter part was the after taste of it. that's were you will taste the bitterness. maybe it wasn't just really my kind of taste.

we were halfway eating the slices when someone ordered lasagna roll ups. by the time we looked at it, that's the time we made up our mind that we will order the same item.


EAT.EAT.EAT. now who wants greenwich's lasagna? HAHA yes. greenwich's lasagna is still better than that of banapple's lasagna roll ups. that's for sure. but of course that doesn't make lasagna roll ups less delicious over others. it's mouth-watering in its own way. :D one order of it is enough to feed 1-2 persons. i expected too much from it, so guess it's the reason why i get a little upset about it.

and there is a particular view in the cafe which made us really happy. somehow we realized that we are part of a big family. here it is.


we really enjoyed our stay at banapple. our stay there was priceless. we will sure to come back there! :)


RANDOM PHOTOS showing how much we feel welcomed at banapple. :D


it feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters and make fun of our exes.
it feels like a perfect night for breakfast at midnight and fall in love with strangers.






to sum of it all, i really enjoyed this adventure with my MEANion friends. this one day millionaire experience of us is all worth it! :) efforts paid off. you will realize that some miserable and magical things are happening in your life right now. you will not see it the way it should be unless you start living your life the way you wanted it to be.

we have each other side by side, we are happy and we are mean because we are the MEANions, and we are THE LUCKY ONES.

now, are you the lucky one? :)

Biyernes, Nobyembre 23, 2012


i remember it, all too well.

i have lots of other things to post on my blog site  like the T-Party, when i had a two-week misunderstanding with my close friend, my so-called mentor's post-birthday celebration, the day i said sorry to my close friend, the story of how our simple train ride became epic, and lots more. but recently, i experienced something that is somewhat more worth blogging for. maybe because i can no longer hold back the emotions i have been keeping inside ever since. i never thought that this would happen to me. i really feel bad about it.

"wala naman akong alam sa mga sinasabi nya. pero nakakalungkot lang pag naiisip kong ako lang yung pwedeng matamaan nung sinabi nya. andami ko ng problema dumadagdag ka pa. naiintindihan ko naman na hindi madali yung nangyari sayo  pero putting the blame on someone either directly or indirectly, nakaka-offend lang. nahihiya na ko kila ate kase pinilit ko sila sumama sakin. lumalabas na nararanasan nila yung ganitong klaseng pagpapahirap dahil sakin. alam ko namang hindi mo kami gusto kasama pero para iparamdam mo yun araw araw, nakakabigat ng pakiramdam. naaapektuhan yung buong araw ko. pakiramdam ko guilty ako sa isang bagay na hindi ko alam na nangyari pala. siguro masama na yung tingin sakin ng ibang tao pero wala na ko magagawa dun, nirerespeto ko yun. basta alam kong nagtitiwala sakin yung mga kaibigan ko, okay na ko dun."

this italicized part of this blog is supposedly my facebook post. but i decided to put it in here, to make it clearer. here's what happened. lor lost his 2000 pesos which, according to him was kept inside his bag in the living room. actually it was 18k, and when he looked at his money again, only 16k showed up. of course there is no one to blame inside the house except me. (he's freaking crazy if he thought his own brother took it.) he didn't say it to me directly but conveyed his message plastered on the wall.

i know that i know nothing about this but reading this makes me feel like i'm guilty. get my point? I'M SO GUILTY WITH A FUCKING THING THAT I NEVER DID! i  even tweeted a really harsh statement when i found out about this. not because i'm guilty but because i can't stand it anymore. can you imagine how extremely outraged i was about this. ugh.

i know somehow that i should have not tweeted that. but can you blame me? i was caught unguarded. felt like i was betrayed. i became so vulnerable that time that i wanna hit him and say. fuck you for this! you deserve that. and if i really took your money, you'll never have it again, i swear!

when this incident happened, i came to realize that it's more than easy for some persons to blame others without having any proof in hand. simply relying on what they want to believe in. without thinking that simply blaming an innocent person is way too painful and depressing at the same time.

but looking into the brighter side of it, (goodness, can't believe i realized something good about this horror) maybe this will also serve a lesson for me and as well as to other people who are reading this. before you conclude something, be sure you can support your conclusion till the very end, because wrong judgement over others, is not just painful, but also hurtful to the mind, heart, body, and soul of that person. if this would ever happen to me, at least i know how to handle this, i won't blame someone instantly, like what he did to me, because for a fact, i know how it feels to be accused and blamed with something you know you didn't do.

being accused just like that is not easy to forget. because up to now, i still remember it. ALL TOO WELL.

Huwebes, Nobyembre 1, 2012



I want a job. I looked for a job. I found a job. Now, I wanna quit that job.

This is exactly what I feel right now. My job is not as easy as I thought it would be. I thought being a call center agent is all about answering calls, assisting customers and things like that. But by being on the “floor,” I found out that my thoughts about it is way too far from what is really happening in reality. Pressure, sweat (in an air-conditioned office? haha) and tears is all part of that.

Having conversations with different customers with different personalities every day, six days a week, makes me want to give up my job. COME ON! I don’t know if it’s just me or every customer I am assisting is a challenge. As a call center agent I should provide customer with the kind of service, they think they deserve even if in the back of my mind I know they don’t deserve any of it. :D

But do you know what’s worse? BEING HUMILIATED BY SOMEONE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. that’s bullshit. I have this co-agent whom I thought, at first impression, was good, responsible and I could consider a friend inside the office. But when my first call of the day strikes, my first impression suddenly went missing. My co-agent interferes with my every call and I came to a point where in I put the customer on hold and told her “ate ikaw na kaya makipag usap sa customer ko.” I thought her meddling will end by that time, but I was wrong. It’s just the beginning. I went on a battle unprepared.

After that call, she started murmuring things like “nagmamagaling ka na kagad.” “ikaw na nga tong tinutulungan ikaw pa tong galit.” “kung magaling ka, dun ka na sa ibang station.” “alam mo, kung hindi mo kaya umalis ka na lang dito, hindi naming kailanagan ng tulad mo dito.” WHAT THE FUCK. You call it a fucking help? Interrupting me in the middle of a call? Is that how you define help? Thanks, but no thanks. Her atrocious manner isn’t the point here, my point is I worked longer than she and she acted as if she been there for like years. Damn it.

Things like that make me want to quit my job. When these things happened to me, a question unexpectedly pops out in my mind. “why am I working?” do I really need to have a job right now? Do I really have to divide my time for school and office? I know having a job isn’t just about earning money, it’s about knowing your self-worth. But sometimes proving your self-worth will actually open your eyes to the fact that it not easy to find your own place in this big world. You will encounter crossroads along the way and it is solely up to you on which path you’re going to choose. Up to now I’m still in the middle of my own crossroad, thinking if I’m on the right track or should I make u-turn and try the other way around. But to whatever decision I will come up, I hope I won’t regret it in the future.

Martes, Agosto 28, 2012

SOGO deluxe

SOGO. madalas kong naririnig tong word na to kapag ang topic ay medyo x-rated. "sige pre pag nagkita kayo dalhin mo agad sa SOGO." "san kayo galing? nag-SOGO kayo noh?" "maganda ba? pwede pang-SOGO?" gets nyo? siguro naman diba? ako aminado naman ako na pag narinig ko yun, ndi ko din maiwasan na ndi yun mai-associate sa "place for sex." kasi parang ang kumalat dati SOGO is a good place for doing THAT. xD pero nagbago yung tingin ko sa place nung first time ko nagspend ng night dun. (wag muna mag-react. haha)

mga 9.30pm (August 25, 2012) na ng nagdecide kami ng ate ko (kapatid ko) na umuwi na ng bahay. habang papunta kami sa may sakayan ng jeep naisip ni ate na mag-SOGO. (sa tingin ko naisip nya yun kase una: kakauwi lang nya ulit ng bansa. pangalawa: maraming tao sa bahay nun kase yung isa kong housemate dun na sila nagreview para sa department tests nila kinabukasan. pangatlo: feeling ko nabigla lang si ate. may pera kasi xa e. haha)

so ayun na pumunta na kami sa sogo, (btw katabi lang ng SM yung SOGO Hotel na yun) at namili kung anong klaseng room ang ia-avail namin. e nung time na yun ang available room na lang ay DE LUXE room at REGENCY room. parehong mahal pero mas mura ng konti yung de luxe room (1170 pesos for 12 hours) ayun. nung andun na kami sa room 520, sabi ni ate pupuntahan daw muna nya yung mga friends nya at yun na nga ang nangyari, NAIWAN ako mag isa doon.

una kong napansin yung malaking kama na sa tingin ko kaya 3-4 na tao. laki nya! hahaha

at sunod kong tinignan yung bathroom nya. plain white lang yung color nung tiles. lahat puro white. malinis tignan at parang masarap mag-shower. :) yung mga gamit dun pang dalawahan lagi. toothbrush, slippers, towel, pati PILLOW dalawa lang. tss. :/ yung remote control nung tv parang nakatali sa isang table sa gilid nung bed, para siguro hindi gawing souvenir yung remote.

epic lang kasi sa ibabaw ng tv may channel guide. at 2 channel ang pinaka pino-promote nila. channel 121 at 125. yun yung mga channel for adults. channel 121 (asian adults) at channel 125 (us/euro adults). when i say adult, i am referring to adult sex. iba lang kase parang may basehan talaga kung bakit naging ganun ang reputation ng SOGO sa labas. naalala ko nga habang nagche check-in pa lang kami yung iba naming kasabay pakiramdam ko andon lang para mag-intercourse. haha out of curiosity tinignan ko yung sinasabi sa channel guide. at yun nga nakita ko. asian and us/euro adults doing that.

may wifi yung place. and it took me a lot of courage para i-press yung zero sa telephone at kausapin yung person sa front desk para itanong yung wifi password. (nahihiya ako tsaka baka kasi ndi naman pang lahat yung wifi. xD) good thing the girl on the other line gave me the password which is "*************" :) mga 11pm na ng nag umpisa ako ma-bored dun sa room. mag-isa lang ako e, so i decided na mag surf na lang sa net. after ilang hours, umorder naman ako ng isang spaghetti at isang mango juice. ndi naman talaga ako gutom nun e. for experience lang. at eto pa, ndi ko alam kung kelan ko yun dapat bayaran. pagkabigay ba saken or pag mag check-out na. nako nako. halatang first timer si gago. xD

while waiting, inenjoy ko na lang yung room i jumped up and down sa bed, nagshower habang nagpe-PERFORM. at pakiramdam ko nasa ARANETA ako. ansaya ng feeling kase i feel secured na walang ibang makakarinig ng "bathroom voice" ko aside saken. nyahaha :D

after nun, wala na naman ako magawa! tapos bigla ko na lang naisip na kunyari mayamang tao ako, pahotel-hotel na lang. kase pag andun ka mag-isa sa room parang lumalabas yung pagka-naughty mo e. naughty in a way na anjan na mag-iimagine ka as if you really own the place, na parang you have everything life has to offer. at masasabi mo na lang na this is the life. xD

tapos nun nag-decide ako matulog na. after ilang minutes, ramdam kong mahihirapan ako matulog. (namamahay e. lol) kahit gaano kaganda at ka-inviting yung ambiance nung room, kahit gaano kalamig yung aircon, kahit gaano kasarap yung sine-serve nilang food, parang may kulang parin. HIRAP NG WALANG KAUSAP. na-realize ko na ganito siguro yung hotel life ng mga independent people. parang ang option mo na lang ay kausapin ang sarili mo, mag internet at matulog. sanayan lang siguro talaga.

mga 5am na ng makatulog ako kase dumating na nun si ate. then nung morning, mga 15 minutes bago mag 12 hours. (yung hours na binayaran namin) tumawag yung nasa front desk and she informed us na we still have 15 minutes or we could spend another hour which will cost 150 pesos. syempre umuwi na kami, may pupuntahan pa kasi kami nun e.

all in all, kahit may times na feeling ko boring dun sa sogo, nag enjoy pa rin ako. kase not everyone is given the chance na mag-stay sa de luxe room ng 12 hours and do whatever you want.

and i therefore conclude, SOGO hotel is SO clean, so GOod. :D