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Christmas is a time of renewal. A time when the best in humanity is called forth amid the safety of traditions. A time when it feels good to give, when grievances are abolished, when Heaven comes to Earth for a moment.

We tend to think of Christmas as a time for children, but what if Christmas gives each of us the opportunity to be the Child? To have wise men bring priceless gifts to us, to be held by an adoring mother and father while shepherds and other good folk admire us, to feel that everything will be okay...forever? What if Christmas is a chance to start fresh? Clean slate. New.

During Christmas Season, i used to make a wishlist, more like a Christmas Wishlist. Written in there are the material things i wanted to have on Christmas Day. Writing the wishlist comes with hoping and praying that at least one or two of those will happen. I always pray and believe that Santa Clause would read it and grant my wishes, though i have some childish doubts that maybe Santa  couldn't give me my gifts because we don't have a chimney or he cannot come in because my parents are still up and things like that.

Time passed by and now i know that Santa Clause isn't real. it happened one Christmas eve, i saw my parents putting the gifts under the Christmas tree, maybe trying to make us believe that Santa went inside the house when we're asleep and put the gifts there. Though i know the truth behind the jolly old man, that didn't stop me from believing in him, it even changed my selfish materialistic wishlist into a noble one and i felt awesome about it! :)

1) i want a new pair of RED KEDS. but a pair of slippers for the barefooted children in the sidewalk would be much better.

2) i want to have a BLACKBERRY PHONE. but seeing all people smile at me with no hatred inside their hearts is the best means of communication ever that no single phone can do.

3) i want to go ABROAD. but seeing a mother and her lost child reunite in an empty street on a Christmas day would be the best.

4) i want new BRANDED SET OF CLOTHES. but by realizing that most street children always spend the night fighting with the tremendous coldness of the night, a pair of clothes for them would seem right.

5) i want a new JANSPORT BAG. but upon looking at a poor child wandering around the street and with nothing to eat makes me think that a bag of food for him and his family will be better.

6) i want to go to CHRISTMAS CONCERTS. but events that involves helping street children during Christmas Season is way more awesome than ever.

7) i want a MACBOOK. but a set  of knowledgeable books that less fortunate kids could use would be much better.

8) i want our house to be filled with LUMINOUS CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. but  upon looking at the other side of the street, there lies a family that even barely see each other because of the blinding darkness all over the place, making me realize that sharing light with them would be cooler than Christmas lights.

9) i want a new DSLR. but thinking that making a hopeless street child smile amid this unfair world would be a heart-warming feeling..

10) i want to have a LUXURIOUS NOCHE BUENA. but thinking that a poor family is spending the Christmas Eve outside the street with nothing to eat, not even a single loaf, it would be best if we learn to share what we have.

You see Christmas isn't always just about thinking what you want, it's about doing what is good. it's a perfect time for all of us to sit down, to think and to thank God for all the blessings we receive from Him no matter a big or small it is. sometimes, making a simple wishlist makes us realize that sometimes there are things in life that we thought we don't have yet, but in reality, we already have them. maybe not in the form we expected it to be, but in the form that particular thing should be.

yes, i know the truth behind the jolly old man, but that truth didn't stop me from believing in Santa and the power of the Christmas Season- the kind of joy it brings to everyone, either fortunate or not.
Christmas time is Wishlist time.  

Let the listing begins!

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